Best horses, best cowboys,
best stories. . .
IMAGINE a better time and
then live it!

Close to Paradise
This gives an all new
meaning to "Road Trip"!!!

Cowboy Packages 2007

You are being invited to a special event never shared
with outsiders until this year -- so listen to our story and come be part of
this great cowboy event.

If cowboying is your thing -- or you have aspirations of being a
cowboy or have ever wanted to go to a Cowboy University here is the place
to start . . There is calves to brand, cows to trail to summer
pasture, colts to start, fences to mend, country to check out.  

For relaxation there the healing mud baths or a dip in the mineral
baths.  People come from all over to heal in this great area.  There is
singing around the campfire and stories to swap.  And best of all is the
Great Food!   SO, heres the story. . . .                  ~ Nancy Gaynor

May 13 - 19th   and  May 27 - June 2             $1995/person  FULL
Sept 30 - October 5th, 2007

Cow Country Spring Roundup

There's some pretty darned nice country just to the south of Glacier
Country.  Unlike the stunning alpine world of Glacier National Park, the Hot
Springs Valley, legendary home of the Kootenai Indian Nation, is tucked away
in a rain shadow, home to  thousands of cattle, bred, born, and raised in
the rich rolling grass hills blessed by almost continuous sunshine.  Hot
Springs Valley is home to the Jackson Ranch and third generation cowboy
Doug Jackson, brother of Nancy Gaynor of Gaynor Resorts.  How about that!  
Big, beautiful country, loads of cattle, good horses, and cowboys and
cowgirls.  The cattle need to be separated, branded, vaccinated, cut, and
moved more than a few miles to summer pasture.
 And we need you.

Beginning in May, 2007 Gaynors'' Resorts will be offering two Spring Roundup
weeks and you are welcome to join us!  I would strongly recommend that
anyone wanting to see some great country, be on horseback for a week, and
learn the art of working and moving cattle give this adventure some serious

The spring roundup at the Jackson Ranch has been an annual rite of spring for
many years, a week of busy ranch activity culminating in a branding day
gathering with all the neighbors from miles around attending. Guests that
are planning on attending the Spring Roundup will be met at Glacier
International Airport in Kalispell, Montana or at the Gaynors' Riverbend
Ranch in Whitefish, just twelve miles north of Kalispell.  The arrival dates
for the roundups are Sunday, May 28 and Sunday June 5th  at 3 P.M.  
Departures are the following Saturday.  Following arrivals, settling in the
cabins and getting acquainted we'll head on out to the corrals and begin to
match up horses and riders for the week.  There's forty head of horses and
saddles to choose from and we'll offer suggestions and give you a hand
putting together your rig for the week.  We'll suggest horses with some good
sense and a saddle that'll keep you on his back.  You might want rubber on
your horn to rope with and saddlebags to keep your grub in.  The we'll be
off  to do a couple hour trail ride and back for dinner.

After spending the night at Riverbend Ranch and eating an early breakfast
we'll be off to the Hot Springs Valley and the first day of cowboying.  From
Monday through Friday afternoon we'll develop a habit of  8:30 breakfasts,
two hours of  working the cattle  into groups, and then moving them to any
number of pastures located in the Hot Springs Valley.  You'll be learning
how to sort, vaccinate, rope, flop, and read the cattle.  Most of the moves
will be done from mid morning till late afternoon and all on horseback with
big and small groups of cattle going to scattered pastures.  Contrary to
popular belief the cattle do move at a slower pace than you might think but
there are always "free thinkers" in the bunch and creeks, gates, and brush
to keep them out of.   Moving cattle on horseback is your time to settle
down, to do nothing but enjoy the company of your horse and fellow
companions.  There is no  better time to work on your horsemanship than when
you're moving cows.   As you learn to read the cows you'll find yourself
putting your horse in better position to  work them, developing that cow
sense you can't learn in a book.  And finally, you'll love the Hot Springs
Valley.  Spring comes early there.  
With the sun in your face, green grass
ahead of you, and a good horse under your rear end you'll feel like you've
died and  gone to heaven.

Accommodations at the Jackson Ranch are Native American!  You'll be staying
in big, comfortable, heated Tipis outfitted with cots.  Bring a sleeping bag
but plan on sleeping in "tipi comfort" just outside the Jackson Ranch
headquarters.  We'll be eating both in the ranch and barbecuing in the Tipi
camp.  The Jackson family are descendants of the Kootenai Indian tribe
native to the Hot Springs Valley and so you can expect a very distinct
Indian ambiance during your week's stay.  Indian visiting and storytelling
around coffee and a campfire is not only a joy but also a time honored
tradition that is often missing in our modern world.

The Spring Roundup you're planning now is about country, horses, cattle, and
good people.  If you plan on coming along be prepared to have fun, ride
hard, eat well, and sleep good.  There's nothing better for the soul than
spending a long day in the saddle out of range of a cell phone!  You'll live
the life, love the country, and delight in the throwback to the days when
life was simple and days were mellow.

Book soon!  We don't want you to miss this great memory that you will
cherish the rest of your life!    ~ Bill Beck

and Yes, ladies, they are all
single. . . 'cept for Gaynor :)