Don & Nancy
Thank you so much for your hospitality.  We had
such an awesome time.  Sorry we missed you
at the rodeo.
 We left early because we
decided to enjoy our last night in solitude on
your ranch.
 It is such a relaxing atmosphere
as opposed to our San Diego home.  Stanley
had a great time too.  Thanks for being so dog
friendly.  We hope all your future endeavors are
as successful as what you have created here.  
We love your lifestyle.  Sincerely, Vicki & Ken
Don & Nancy and of course the 4
legged welcoming committee.
Our stay was most enjoyable and fun.  
You made us feel welcomed and right
at home.
 Thank you so much.  From
Tom & Debbie & Justin Guess
July, 2005
Dear Don and Nancy:  We had a
wonderful time at your ranch and wish
we could have stayed longer.  Montana
is impressive and I know we will be
back as soon as we can.

Thank you for sharing your lives and
home with us.  I feel I have made new
friends and that is always a blessing.

We had a good trip back and made our
flight connections on time.   We
alsmost missed the flight out of
Kalispell.  Ryan was being puttsie
because he didn't want to leave.  Take
care and I hope all is well.  Always,
Shirley Kahes ~ Wisconsin
Dear Don and Nancy:  Thank you for
accommodating us and our animals on this
trip to your beautiful ranch and incredibly
gorgeous state!  
You have been warm and
generous and we appreciate how easy
going and generous you've been.
 Thank you
so much for the use of your Bronco for an
hour or so of beach time.  Very sweet of you!  
Your cabins are adorable.  We will definitely
refer our friends who are visiting Montana to
your ranch!!  Thanks again, The Goodlin
Family ~ Oregon
Don and Nancy:  Thank you so muc h for
sharing your ranch life with us.  We
certainly enjoyed every minute of it ALL.  
You were very friendly and tolerant of our 2
girls.  They can be a handful.  

Thanks again for making our vacation
special.  I am sure Kendra will talk about
"Midnight" for quite a while.
 Take Care, Kristi
Don and Nancy:  Thank you for your
We loved it and hope to
see you again very soon!
 I will call to
see if I can get some Fry Bread Mix
sent to Chicago!  ~ Kelly
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gaynor:  Thank you so
much for letting me help out.  I really enjoyed
helping with the horses.  It was so much fun
riding in the mountains.  My grandma said
we probably are coming back,
so be waiting.
Sincerely Kayla Madlock ~ Oklahoma

~ thank you so much for being so good to our
daughter.  She still talks about it everyday!  :)
Todd and Stacey Madlock
Don, Nancy and Family:  Thank you
for sharing your beautiful ranch
with us last July.  
We have told
everyone about it
and how easy
you were to get to know!  Our stay
there was a few days -- not
enough!  My daughter Julia loved
the horses  and the wrangler. . . I
loved the views, the area, the
mornings, the hot tub and the
Bruce and I can only hope
to come back.
 Thank you ~  Bruce
and Anna Robinson, Leonard, MI
Dear Don and Nancy
What a wonderful place you have.  
Thanks so much for your kind
hospitality and for a great dinner last
~ Sara Barbel
Don and Nancy:  We thought you would enjoy
these memories from the wedding.  We have
recovered and hope you have also.  There is
no way we will ever be able to thank you
enough for everything you did for Harper and
It was a great wedding because of
your hospitality.
 See you soon, Barry and
Ginger ~ Florida
Letter from Alex:  I got to ride a horse named
Bob.  I like  Bob she is the best horse to me.  
She was fast . You are the best teacher.  
Thank you for teaching me.  See you next
~ Alex Cagley
Letters from Guests