Gaynor Ranch and Resort
1992 KM Ranch Road | 6544 Farm to Market Road
Whitefish, MT, 59937, USA
406-862-3802 | 866-862-6202

The Gaynor Ranch Story

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In the KM Ranch Valley close to Whitefish, Montana, you will think you have died and gone to heaven. Here at our ranch with its luxurious cabins or at the Glacier National Park cabins in the woods, you will find the scenery so beautiful that you will want to burn every eyeful into your soul. Our guests say that to be a guest here at Gaynor's is to be given the greatest gift that Montana has to offer - a chance to revive your spirit and reinvent your life through awe and adventure, comfort and beauty.

That is what RiverBend Ranch visionaries Don and Nancy Gaynor did for themselves and now do for others with their Montana cabin rental and resort. It’s a dream that has given the Gaynor's a new lease on life. Gaynor Ranch is a dream come true in so many ways. It’s hard to say where and when the dream starts for guests. You come to enjoy your Glacier or Whitefish vacation, but chances are you’ll leave with a mission of your own: to really live life.

As you sit out on the deck, you will hear the geese passing overhead in the mornings; you will see the deer coming down to drink and an occasional beaver popping its head up in the river. The echo of dogs barking, our canine protectors and wagging friends, Tank, Red, Kokanee, Hemi, Bob and Kia run off the occasional bear or mountain lion from the trails. The eagle soars overhead offering us protection sent from the Creator. The rain pelts down on the tin roofs as you snuggle up (or together) in a down comforter.

You will wake up from your dream the last morning and tell yourself to take one more good long look before you have to leave and as we have said before, we witness the tears as you say “so long for now.”

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