Gaynor Ranch and Resort
1992 KM Ranch Road | 6544 Farm to Market Road
Whitefish, MT, 59937, USA
406-862-3802 | 866-862-6202

The Ranch Cabins

In the KM Ranch Valley close to Whitefish, Montana, you will think you have died and gone to heaven. Here at our ranch with its luxurious cabins or at the Glacier National Park cabins in the woods, you will find the scenery so beautiful that you will want to burn every eyeful into your soul. Our guests say that to be a guest here at Gaynor's is to be given the greatest gift that Montana has to offer - a chance to revive your spirit and reinvent your life.

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North Fork Cabin

Beautifully done cabin. Close to the horses.

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Middle Fork Cabin

This cabin is in the middle of the universe or shall I say the ranch universe!

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South Fork Cabin

The South Fork is my favorite. Decorated with a Native American flair. You will love the bright colors!

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Cabins in the Woods

We have found that people are stressed out and need some down time. That is what we have developed for our guests. Close to Glacier National Park cabins in the woods -- you can see your neighbors yet are in an amazingly private setting. We put in the best mattresses (pillow topped), down comforters, and luxurious bedspreads and lots of pillows. Sarah says sometimes she has to wake people up as they are so relaxed and need to check out as we have more people coming in for their beds!

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Cabin 1 In the Woods

Beautifully appointed deluxe furnishings. You can have a great view of the little village from the deck of this cabin. Watch the deer cross, the squirrel in the tree, or the many birds fly over.

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Cabin 2 In the Woods

Great cabin, hardwood floors, beautiful furnishings. This cabin is reserved for people who have dogs.

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Cabin 3 In the Woods

This is the fun cabin. Bring your friends and you can be together or apart depending on the door between these two adjoined cabins. . . don't worry, they are soundproof!

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Cabin 4 In the Woods

Great cabin for individuals or open the door to cabin #3 and have a great family or group gathering.

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Double Cabin In the Woods

Party time! Bring in friends, family, or company.

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Cabin 5 In the Woods

Great place to just relax...and if you want to be social, sit out on the deck and meet some neighbors.

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Cabin 6 In the Woods

This is my favorite cabin...great artwork, colors...our guests love the paintings and beautiful colors.

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Cabin 7 In the Woods

This is a larger cabin for our friends with special needs.

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Cabin 8 In the Woods - the Honeymoon Cabin

Beautifully appointed to give the honeymooners total privacy and comfort.

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Tamarack House

Beautiful cedar house that will sleep 6-10, 3 bedroom, 2 bath.

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Tipi Glamping


Buffalo Tipi

Really enjoy the outdoors and glamorized camping in an authentic Indian TiPi. Listen to the birds, look out at the stars and get some well deserved rest and relaxation.

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Bear Tipi

The Bear Tipi has an amazing Bear Rug on the floor, guaranteed to bring you protection and for you to take it with you for all time.

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Elk Tipi

The Elk Tipi has an elk rug on the floor. You are going to love this one!!

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